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I was lying in bed last night with hubby and our dog jumped up in the bed to snuggle us. This is not a very normal occurrence for our 70lb rescue boxer, but we had been gone for several hours last evening and Bosa was feeling neglected. He is used to snuggling with us on the couch in the evening after the kids go to bed and then heads to his dog bed or on the floor next to our bed when we head into sleep. So, because we got home so late last night and didn’t have our normal snuggle time I knew that he was feeling quite neglected and needed reconfirming that we loved him.

As we were lying there snuggling and petting him it occurred to me that the love, devotion, and faithfulness that our dog has for us is a picture of what and how we are called to be toward our God and our God is toward us. See for Bosa we are his whole world. He relies on us for food, shelter, affection, commands, play, discipline, being able to potty, etc… We are his joy. His purpose. We are his life and he plays his part well. He is our home’s protector. A comfort. Entertainment. And precious to our lives. We certainly love our pooch and oh how he loves us, faithfully.

The thing is most of the time we are like cats in regard to the Lord. I’ve owned two cats. Both ran away after years of trying to love on them with toys, treats and catnip. Both were kinda rude and mostly hid in small places to sleep all day. I don’t particularly like cats. They are quite aloof. For the most part they don’t seem to warm up to their owners the same way a dog does with unbridled devotion. Cats tend to choose to remove themselves from their owner’s presence except perhaps during feeding time. Cats aren’t snugglers, until they decide to be snuggled. Cats don’t devote themselves to much else except themselves and their own desires. (I realize there are exceptions to this stereotype and some believe their cat is like a dog, showing and accepting affection, quite comfortably.) I’m just not a cat person. I wish no harm to cats, but just find them to be rather disingenuine in their role of companion.

How often have I come to the Lord in need without already thanking him for all He has done? How many times have I completely disregarded Him until I needed or wanted something? How often has my devotion been fickle like a cat, instead of steady and genuine like a faithful dog? How often have I questioned God’s faithfulness when circumstances become difficult? How often have I forgotten His devotion to me as His child in favor of being prideful and full of self?

I desire to be the pooch loved and loving, living in and out of the security and rest of the “ownership” of the blood of Christ. Instead, I sometimes find myself living like a stray cat scrounging for food and affection,  believing the lie that I need more effort to accomplish life on my own. How often do we trade the security of the promises of God for elusive shadows of the unpromised chattels of this world? How often do we stand aloof instead of kneeling humbly before our God? How often do we run away in fear or defiance instead of beseeching the throne of Christ? How often do we forget the devotion our Lord has to us and we in return have for Him?

Yes, I would rather have faith like my dog lying at the feet of my God than be disconnected and evade love like a cat.