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What is Security? What is Normalcy? Why is it we desire them?

The last several weeks months years our family has lived in a state of what the world sees as “unsecure abnormalcy.” We’ve endured financial hardship. Homelessness. Joblessness. Broken relationships. Scathing judgment and criticism as well as being misunderstood and ignored by those who used to love and esteem us. Despite these worldly hardships we’ve chess knightthrived Spiritually, experiencing Christ in ways we never could have imagined. He has provided for us in every way. He has been enough for every season even when we forget He is enough. Our confidence has increased immensely. Not in ourselves, but in He who resides within us. His confidence that he will, is, and has been leading us grows daily, minute by minute…even in the seasons of hardship…even in our current season of hardship.

In all that we have experienced we still have moments that we desire the lie of worldly security and normalcy…the strongest measure of that has been in recent months when we had to quickly move from our home, experience 6 weeks of homelessness, coupled with a sudden job loss after already having a horrible financial year. All of this after moving to a new state at God’s direction. It’s enough to make anyone want to give up and adhere to the world’s formula for success; security and normalcy.

Jesus was secure in his identity as God. He was secure in knowing His Father loved him. He was secure in thewpid-wp-1440730673026.jpeg teachings he received and gave because he adhered to the truth of who God is and who He was. Jesus Christ is the most secure man that has ever walked this earth. Yet he had no established home in which to sleep at night or stable paid ministry he worked.

Where do you find your security? Is it in your job that pays your bills?  Is in the relationship you have with your spouse or children? Or perhaps it’s in your established ministry, church, or mentorships? If any of these have even a taste of ringing true for you then your security is in something or someone that is not everlasting. Jobs will be lost. Relationships severed. Ministries, churches and mentorships disbanded. These are the lies many have mistakenly made pre-requisites to evidence of being a Believer; worldly security and stability.

Was Jesus normal? Did he live a culturally normal lifestyle? Did he adhere to the ideals of the religious culture? I would say no. He upheld every law. He upheld every statute given him by his Father…but Jesus did not bend to every good thing in the culture in which he lived and ministered. Jesus bucked normalcy and complacency. He breathed life into prostitutes, ate with lepers, spoke with all authority in theological matters, and owned no possessions.

chairWhat do you consider a cultural normalcy that NEEDS to be adhered to? Working to own a home or car? Living a life to fill a savings account for financial security for the future? Making sure your kids have the “right” or safe friends?

None of these things are bad things. They are perfectly normal and good in our culture.

The problem is when we make these good things, God things. When we make our culture the law. When we put cultural security and cultural normalcy above Christ.

As a believer our security is in Christ. Period.

As a believer our normalcy is living lives that are counter cultural, we are abnormal in this world.

This means we can’t have the expectation that everyone will do things the same way we are called to do them. Some of us will be called to choose to live in bad parts of town. Some will be called to give up their cars to walk everywhere. Some will be called to give up their incomes and trust soley on Christ as provider. Some will be called to advocate for the least of hands colorour society. Some will be called to identify the problems in the Church so that someone else can receive revelation and inspire a new way to really BE the church. Some will be called to do crazy, outlandish things that we just don’t understand. This doesn’t mean we all should give up our jobs, cars, homes and deplete our 401K’s…but what it does mean is that each of us has a unique voice, perspective and experience to bring to our overall calling to BE the Church and Love one another. When we believe the lie of worldly security and normalcy, even a little bit, it affects how we view our fellow believer, which stunts the Church from being whole and unified.

Our security is Jesus. Our normalcy, abnormal.

So what is it you have been amiss in judging, expecting, or trying to control in the name of security and normalcy? Is there a different way that you are being called to live? Have you taken that first leap of trust and experienced the promise obedience brings the believer? Are you willing to live as Christ has called you to live?