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When a “Strong Woman” hurts…

buggy flowersWhen we think of strong women in our lives we think of Moms. Mothers are strong. But this is not about Mothers…this is about the “Strong Women” in our lives. They might be mothers, but they might not…

We all know a “Strong Woman.” This is for us and what most people don’t know about us.

A hard thing about being what is categorized as a “Strong Woman” is the loneliness and grief she suffers during seasons of hurt or struggle. She struggles between KNOWING the truth Christ has given her and giving herself permission to allow herself to feel the sometimes powerful untruth her life circumstances have presented her.

strongwomenWhen categorized as a “Strong Woman” people don’t tend to notice when you are hurting because the “Strong Woman” continues in her calling to speak, preach and share truth to others despite her feeling of inadequacy to do so at the time. She knows continuing to speak truth to others (and really is speaking truth to herself) helps keep her grounded and strong. It’s the calling and purpose for her life…and sometimes it’s that calling that intimidates the others around her.
See the “strong woman” doesn’t realize how strong she may appear to those around her. A true “strong woman” doesn’t speak truth as a weapon against those whom are intimidated by her strength. She speaks even (especially) those HARD truths to lift up, challenge, and love the others around her so they can walk as strong women, too.

woman foot printsWhat the others around her may not realize is the strongest women can experience the most painful and agonizing seasons of defeat, insecurity, and grief. They need the most love and affirmation from the others around her, but most often in their time of need there is no one reaching out or able to see her need. The truth is “strong women’s” needs aren’t any different from any other women.

She hides herself in Christ’s truth to remain strengthened because it is truth that makes her strong. So if there is a “Strong Woman” in your life don’t forget to check on her, reach out to her, love her and lift her even if she seems fine and is speaking truth in abundance. It’s that abundance of truth that is most likely sustaining her as she struggles through a rough season, most likely feeling alone. She needs you to love her as she is loving you. Encourage her. Speak truth to her. Affirm her. Challenge her.

God is raising up a generation of “Strong Women.” Support her calling. Even if you don’t understand it.