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Life is fragile.

A friend from back home passed away unexpectedly Wednesday night and we just found out about it early this morning. She was part of our small group several years ago. She exuded a spirit that was fun, free and unique. She was far, far too young leaving 6 children behind. So many people we know and love in Columbus have been affected and are struggling with making sense of her death.

Our hearts hurt as we watch from afar all the tributes to her of how people admired her individuality and spunk; how people valued the sacrificial love she gave to so many. We hurt because we hope she knew during her life how valued she really was to those around her. We hurt because it doesn’t seem fair, right or possible. I had just talked to her a few days ago about finding a church home…

Life is fragile. People often say after a tragedy such as this that “we aren’t promised tomorrow so love and forgive those legacyaround you.” And while this statement is true and we will often live our lives in this way for a time…but eventually we forget. Someone will offend us with words or actions or we will become offended by lack of words and actions…and then we will choose to not forgive and make the choice to not love because of an offense, that in most cases was unintentional.

What if instead we choose to give grace? To forgive? To love and remember daily that “tomorrow isn’t promised.” Heck this afternoon and evening isn’t promised….the next hour…the next minute…don’t waste it angry, upset or offended.

So, remember this feeling of urgency you are experiencing to communicate love to those around you. Remember when you become offended with your neighbor, friend or relative the urgency you have right now to help you to speak kindly and communicate the value you admire so much about those around you.

This is Christ. This is the Church. This is love.
Let this suffering be God glorifying through the choices you make today, tomorrow, forever. Let the Love of Christ be your legacy.