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rocks and waterSometimes the most difficult questions during a season of difficulty that I have asked myself are, “do I truly trust the Lord with this situation? If the result does not turn out as expected is it ‘well with my soul’ and will I allow the result to negatively impact my experiencing relationship with Christ?”

A couple weeks ago our Church worshipped using the hymn “It is well with my soul.” I couldn’t express those words during worship. Instead I sobbed…because at that moment it hit me full force that the circumstances my family and I are currently navigating are NOT “well with my soul.” I am not “content.” I am not “OK.” And I am not “in praise” for the situation(s). In short; I am not at rest.


I have found myself the last few weeks since fighting for rest. Striving to allow myself to be put back in his rest. The more I strive to rest; which is the only striving or effort the Lord asks from us as new spiritual creations (Hebrews 4:11), it seems the spiritual warfare is heating up and affecting our family in the natural. Satan does not want us at rest. When we are at rest we are focused on Christ and are receiving, overflowing vessels, whom through the Lord receives his glory. His Kingdom becomes evident to all those in our influence.

footprint in sandWhen we express “it is well with my soul” we are communicating we are confirmed in the spirit that our situation is remedied and our “being” in Christ is acknowledged as enough despite the outward circumstances of the natural life we may be experiencing.

So, how is your soul with your life circumstance? Is it well?

What are you striving for in relationship to the situation you find yourself?

The Lord bless you and keep you in his rest today.

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved. – Psalm 55:22