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There are moments in our lives, that can crawl into seasons, where the evidence of the grace, care and love of our Lord doesn’t seem to be apparent to us through our human eyes.
All we can see is the troubling circumstance and this distracts us from the beautiful and intricately carved path the Lord has set before us. We think we know the way to get to the destination he has given us a peak into, but we don’t see the dips, curves, and hills we must take to be refined for the next destination.

graceenoughThe journey itself is often the purpose of the destination. Sometimes it’s excruciatingly painful to make it through the next leg of our life’s journey on this planet. Sometimes it seems unbearable with no evidence of subsiding…and while these moments and seasons are best to be acknowledged in care, gentleness and understanding let us not forget that the truth of Christ’s grace is enough in any momentary season we face.

Christ is enough.

He is good enough. He is worthy enough. He is big enough. He is strong enough. He is brave enough.

And because of Him and through him YOU are too.

His grace is enough for every moment…even if we are having a hard time believing it.