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Too often we women read negatively into something that another person has said. We critique their words and morph them into something they’re not. This is especially true in social media. We forget to listen for the heart of the person on the other side of the words and then make incorrect assumptions based on what we think we believe they are communicating. hearaccurate

Instead, let’s strive to hear the hearts of our fellow sisters’ words so we can hear more accurately what their hearts are expressing. When we look for the heart’s expressiveness in what is being communicated often we hear more meaningful expressions of love, care, and compassion rather than the distortion we tend to make.

God is so good to lead us all on such different journeys to bring him glory and lead others to his table. Let us feast on the words he gives us to share and not criticize or demean them with negative opinion and gossip. For it is HIS renown we live for; His kingdom we desire to be made known.