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Grace is a person. His name is Jesus. Grace is not a movement. Grace is not a prayer. Grace is not a dangerous way of thinking. Grace is not license or an excuse for sinful acts.

The point of speaking of Grace is not to make light of sin, but to make much of Jesus. Sin needs no introduction. Sin doesn’t need to be highlighted to experience its devastation on our lives. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of the Lord.” But Jesus…He changed that by the cross and resurrection. He made us new creatures. Whole. Holy. He gave us a new nature. His Grace nature.


As Believers we are called to immerse ourselves in Christ. Who He was. Who He is. What He did. What He does. How He loved. How He loves. Why He taught. Why He teaches and leads us now. Like a method actor we immerse ourselves in Grace and through this experience we begin to accept and believe what already is…Christ, Grace, within us. We begin to experience outward change of what we already received through Christ.

Instead of angst we experience peace. Instead of anger we experience joy. Instead of works we experience ministry. Instead of apathy we experience passion. Instead of fear we experience courage. Instead of weakness we experience strength. Instead of wrath we experience love.

The point of speaking of Grace is to make much of Jesus. So do not be afraid to speak of Grace. Read Grace. Study Grace. Meditate on Grace. “For it is by Grace we are saved.” It is by Grace we love. It is by Grace we live. It is by Grace we have freedom.

Believe it.