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True authenticity includes a certain amount of vulnerability and transparency; both of which can sometimes be very uncomfortable. The beautiful result though of living authentically is the freedom one experiences in being truly seen as you are without a facade or mask. This is true even when we allow ourselves to continually be vulnerable and transparent, even when others hurt us. The freedom in Christ to be authentic always will be more satisfying than any more protective measures we attempt to put in place.


Now, there is something to be said for boundaries when we allow ourselves to “be seen” by those around us. The Lord grants wisdom to know where, when and with whom to set a boundary of making oneself vulnerable and transparent. Myself, I have learned this the hard way with certain people in my own life.

All in all when we live our lives authentically the sweetest fruit is produced and nourishes those in our sphere of influence.

Remember: You are not a mistake. You are made for a purpose exactly how you are right now.

We must never stop being the true creation Christ has renewed us to be in order to please someone else around us. That includes our children, spouse, friends, parents, Church, etc…

Be yourself. Live in freedom that Christ gave you. Love others for their freedom and expression.